It’s another year time here, and we are going to sharing you more trendy product designs for 2018. It’s so glad and honored that ANT.TILE is selected into the Lookbook of TISE 2018 again – Vote for The Best of 2018. Whether winning the award or not, ANT.TILE will still keep going and offer better service to you all. And now, let us get inspiration from the 9 selected tiles, which is trendy and seems to be continuing into next year.

1. Classic Square Pattern

Square is a classic shape in geometric patterns, this 2” classic square pattern is created to be a popular one, its motif is not out-of-date rendering with classic 3 colors (black, gray, white). We love to see this tile pattern used in floor covering, it is so good-looking and functional, enhancing the elegant style of the living space. The matte finish is easy to clean and wear-resistant for traffic area.  

Classic square geometric tile pattern floor covering in living room

Tile shown: 2 Classic Square TR2-CL-SQ3

2. Classic Twist Blossom

To add an artistic touch of patterns to your installation, this 2” classic twist blossom pattern is your good choice. Most homeowners like to use floral wallpaper to build their artistic wall, while I would recommend you to be a floor artist. Floor decor is one of the most important part in home improvement, it can make the statement to your room. Try to have this blossom tile pattern with your floor, you will get WOW-effect once the tile installed.

Classic twist blossom tile pattern flooring in kitchen

Tile shown: 2 Classic Twist Blossom TR2-CL-TBL1

3. Classic Diagonal

Go for 2” classic diagonal pattern on wall decor for a fresh look. I would like take it for bathroom and shower, with a bouch of flowers, everything goes in a subtle way. You would enjoy your bath time in it.    

Classic diagonal geometric tile patterns wall decor in bathroom

Tile shown: 2 Classic Diagonal TR2-CL-L

4. Classic Blossom

After opted for this 2” classic blossom tile pattern for wall covering, you will find the answer that why geometric tile patterns can be a wow-factor in a space. It’s so eye-catching and will not overpowering.

Classic blossom geometric tile pattern wall cladding in bathroom

Tile shown: 2 Classic Blossom TR2-CL-BL2  

5. Santorini Chevron

Geometric pool tiles is a brand-new design for pool surface, which is never seen before. Most of our customers love it and wanna have it for a break look to their traditional swimming pool. Look at the hotel pool finished with our 2” Santorini chevron pattern, this dynamic bottom has livened up the whole swim pool, the water seems flowing although it actually not. That’s interesting and stylish.

Santorini chevron hotel geometric pool tiles

Tile shown: 2 Santorini Chevron TR-SA-CV

6. Santorini Blossom

Are you getting your backyard pool ready for arriving swimming season? If not, let’s start from now on. Choose a new pool tile to renovate your lying-by swim pool. Consider this 2” Santorini blossom pattern for installation, your pool’s new face starts, that will make a surprise to your family and friends.  

Santorini blossom backyard geometric pool tiles

Tile shown: 2 Santorini Blossom TR-SA-BL

7. Santorini Twist Blossom

Never stop thinking out the box for your swimming pool design, try to take a bold pattern for covering. This 2” Santorini twist blossom pattern adds artistic and geometric beauty to any pools and ponds. If you are going with a resort villa swimming pool and fancy your project stand out, this pool art tile will create a great visual feast and enhance the project’s values.

Santorini twist blossom resort villa geometric swimming pool tiles

Tile shown: 2 Santorini Twist Blossom TR-SA-TBL2  

8. 4Railroad

4” railroad pattern is another twist design new in our geometric tiles. Twist pattern enjoy high popularity in our customers especially for interior designers, what you get is more than one pattern, there are much more possibilities and endless inspiration for decoration.

4 inch railroad twist pattern geometric tile for interior design

Tile shown: 4 Railroad T4-MB-RL

9. Parquet Tile

Parquet tile herringbone and brick bond style

Our parquet tile series comes in herringbone and brick bond style in popular Carrara white color. Tile chips are connected with dot-joint method into one sheet, it is easy to install.

If you get inspiration from these tile product and want to get a sample from us, welcome to contact us now. For 2018, we anticipate the growing popularity of geometric tiles and will come back to you with more beautiful designs.

Note: If you will be at the show of TISE 2018, welcome to visit us at Booth #5005. 

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