Last time we have shared a post about “How To Choose The Right Grout Color for Your Tiles?” and glad to hear lots of feedback from our readers and you all love my points. And today we are going to share a subsequent theme about choosing swimming pool grout color. It is really important to choose a correct grout color to achieve the final look of your pool or spa. While it is commonly difficult for most people to choose right grout color for pool tiles, during grouting swimming pool, some factors should be kept in mind.

1. The Same Color As Tile Color

Choose grout color closed to pool tile color

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Many of us will use a grout color same as the pool tile color, for example, blue grout color is best suitable for blue pool tiles, and green color is perfect for green pool tile, I must say, that is one of the best and safest ways to choose a right grout color, which is ideal for matching your pool tile to create a seamless look. On the other hand, it will also detract from the look of your pool tiles.


2. Neutral Color Should Be Used

choose neutral grout color never wrong

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Choosing a neutral grout color can perfectly make sure your tile retain the features of your swimming pool. White or light gray grout complements are common used, especially for mixed color pool tiles with geometric pattern, white color is highly-recommended, helping to make the blend look and the tile pattern will become more impressive in your pool. Sometimes if you are not sure to choose which grout color is best, then it never goes wrong with neutral grout.


3. Contrast Color

Choose contrast grout color to make your tile shape focus

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It is bold to choose a contrast color as it may cause you see only the grout and get tired of the pool tiles you have. However, if your pool tiles is eye-catching by its pattern or shapes, and you want to take it as focus in your pool, a contrast grout color is a right option.


4. Take Pool Area Look Into Consideration

choose grout color depending on pool tile and deck color

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Do not overlook the look of the entire area of pool if you want to have the best grout color for your pool tile. The factors including pool accent colors and pool accessories should be taken into your pool plan. Try to choose a grout color to match your pool tile and pool deck color nice.


5 Quick Tips To Choose A Good Grout for Pool Mosaic Tiles:

  1. Waterproof, suitable for soaking in water for long time.
  2. Strongly adhesive, hard to fall off. Sometimes you can add other things like sand into your grout to hold the installation stronger.
  3. Highly resistant to fouling and molding, hard to get damage from chemicals
  4. Easy to clean and maintain
  5. Dark grout color is easy to fade especially used in outdoor pool exposed to sunlight

Different from ordinary grout for interiors, pool grout has a higher requirement in colors and functions, which will make a big impact on your whole swimming pool. Now, comment below to share your good ideas to choose a best grout color for pool tile, and head to our swimming pool blog category to get more inspirations.

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