Grout color is so so important and and affects the aesthetic values of the tile installation. However, the selection of grout color is often downplayed by most people.  

Even after you have found the ideal tiles for home renovation, the design process has not come to end yet. The grout works as the backdrop, the liner and the highlighter, once you choose the grout color, you have already settled the basic style for space, making a great difference on your space’s overall aesthetic.

In a word, before grouting, you need to make sure how the finished project will look. Or not, the tile installation will not meet your requirement. Remember that the grout color can change the tonal relationship between tiles. Different grout colors can make different effects, for examples, white grout can unite light-colored tiles but split other tiles, gray grout unifies mid-tone tiles and dark grout bands darker tiles together and contrast lighter hues. And nowadays, you can find there are variety of grout color to choose from. To help you choose the best grout color for your tiling project, here are some great tips and looks you need to consider.

1. What is Your Tile Color?

There are variety of tile material and design to choose from, different characters and looks. Make clear about the color combination of the tile firstly, which will help you find the best complimentary grout.  


2. Blended Perfectly

If you want the tile detail shine through and the tile itself become the focus, then choose a grout color that blends with the base color of the tile. That is to say, the grout color is close to the tile color. Grout joint is less visual and the installation would have an more uniform look.  It is a good way to prevent your eyes distracted by the grout lines.

White Tile + White Grout

TR2-MWZ_interior wall design finished by zip connection white classic matte triangle tile

Featured product: Zip Connection 2’’ Classic White Triangle TR2-MWZ

White tile with white grout, is a conserved option. The tile lines visually disappear and the overall surface blends well together. Look at the bedroom, the white tiled wall doesn’t trend to draw too much attention. Your white tile looks fresh and clean with white grout, while please notice that white grout color will retain more stains and require more maintenance for best look.


White Tile + Light Gray Grout

Geometric pattern triangle mosaic tiled wall backsplash design

Featured product: 1’’ Classic White Matte TR1-MW

While as white is easy to get dirt, then light gray grout is a great alternative for white tile grout. Similar color scheme and show the tile shape in proper way, everything is just right.


3. Stylish Contrast

If you want the grout stand out from the tile installation, so that the pattern is more visual, you can take a grout color that contracts the tiles. The greater difference between the grout color and tile color, a more striking and patterned look you will get! For example, using a dark grout color if your tile color is light, and the same is true that using a light grout for dark tiles, you are taking the contrasting color design. Example as below:

Black or White, You got two entirely different result:

choose the right grout color for your tiles

Featured product: 2’’ Black White Windmill TR2-MW-MW-B

You can obviously see that the grout color make an impact on the color of glaze, the look of the triangle shape and the feel of the entire tiles.


White Tile + Black Grout

white tile with black grout color

Featured product: 2’’ Classic White Matte Triangle TR2-MW

We just make a new try in grout option, the combo of white tile and black grout has done a great job, the triangle tile pattern has reveled clearly and bring the geometric beauty to any design. Moreover, a dark grout is much easier to clean.


Striking backsplash with black triangle tiles with white grout color

Featured product: 2” glossy black triangle tiles TR2-GB

The black triangle tiles with white grout color makes a statement to the living room, the contrast between the tile and grout color emphasizes the triangle shape and layout of tiles, creating a strong visual on the backsplash.


4. “Sandedor Non-sanded

Another thing you need to consider is the grout type, and there are two most common used grout for you, “sanded” and “non-sanded”. Sanded grout will cost you less, but please be cautious that it will scratch tiles such glass tile and marble. While generally safe for porcelain. About non-sanded grout, it is more expensive, but it looks more natural and unique for tile installation. So, do not let the price be the decisive factor.  

TR2-CL-SQ1 geometric triangle tile with sanded grout

Featured product: Classic Chevron Triangle TR2-CL-SQ1


5 Small Quick Tips to Choose Grout:

  • Install tile on a piece of plywood, with different grout colors. And then take into your room to see how the lighting affects the colors.
  • Note that grout can take several days to fully cure. So give it enough time to cure before you make final judgment.
  • Be careful when you choose white grout for tile, especially in traffic area and shower. It is easier to get dirt and hard to clean. Consider to seal the white or light grout, that will save you much time in cleaning work.
  • Darker grout is a great choice to hide dirt, but they are likely to fade under direct sunlight.
  • Remember to keep a bit of grout from the installation for the repairs.

Choosing grout color is an important step in project design. While before you choose the color, just ask yourself two question below:

Do I want the tile stand out, or let the tile pattern become the focus?

Do I want a seamless design, or a more linear one?

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Wish you can get inspiration for your grout color choice from our examples. And do not be conservative if you prefer a bolder grout color, you can choose what you like and please believe that the final design can be unique, stylish and full of your personality. If you have more great ideas about how to choose grout color, welcome to comment below and share with us.

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