An effective border tile can add extraordinary features to your interior wall and floors, which can make your space more attractive. Although adding this special finishing touch requires your much efforts, it makes a impact on the overall look once the project is done. We are introducing you our new border tile design – diamond pattern border tile and strip tile, can be used to create an air of delicate and elegance to any spaces.  

Dramatic And Noble

We are the fan of this so eye-catching combo of our 2” matte classic black triangle tile, diamond tile border and black strip tiles. This wall design has made the room’s statement and you just can not move your eyes off it. All colors go in harmony and refined way. You exactly have a good time here for reading or relaxing.

 Dramatic and noble living room decoration

Vintage And Cool 

A black-white vintage restaurant will bring people back to the era of Mid-century, that would absolutely cool and unique. Do not forget to use a series of old-fashioned hanging pictures for decorating, that will make an big difference to the whole space style.  

Vintage and cool restaurant decoration

Featured Product

If you are interested in the above examples of living room and restaurant, just taking the following 3 product items for finish.

B-TR1-MD_Diamond pattern black white border tile

Featured product: Diamond Pattern Border B-TR1-MD

DS5-MB_black strip tile for border trim

Featured product: Black Strip Tile DS5-MB

TR2-MB_2 inch matte black triangle tile mosaic design

Featured product: 2 Matte Black Triangle Tile TR2-MB

A tile border can improves the appearance of any kitchen and bathroom as well as enhance the values of your home. Head over to the post “What is border tile?” to discover more about a tile border and get inspiration to take goo use of it. If you decide to go bold, consider to choose our trim border tile and creative geometric tiles for your next project. Get a free quote now and we will get back to your soon.

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