People cannot live without love, and a great home decor project cannot finish without love. What does your dream home look like? Heart Series would be one of the most lovely designs of us, we are introducing it to you, just keep reading for a closer look and get inspired for your next remodeling project!

About Heart Series

The heart series is create by our love and intense emotion. It works more than a tile, it is your style, your statement of home. We take the classic black and white as its main color, and finish comes in matte and glossy. That is so interesting that you will find a heart pattern on each tile sheet, tile mesh backing is easy for installation.  

Ways to Use Heart Pattern Mosaic Tiles Below:

1. Add A Stunning Backsplash

Most of homeowners use tiles for backsplash covering, choose an unique tile pattern will make your backsplash stand out. Geometric tile adds timeless beauty to the interior design. We glad to recommended to use the heart pattern for your kitchen backsplash, collocating with white cabinets and countertop, that looks elegant and concise.

TR2-SH-GW-B_single heart pattern glossy triangle tile mosaic for kitchen backsplash

Tile shown: Single Heart Pattern Glossy TR2-SH-GW-B

TR2-SH-MW-B_single heart pattern matte triangle tile mosaic for kitchen backsplash

Tile shown: Single Heart Pattern Matte TR2-SH-MW-B  

2. Background  

Never ignore the design highlight – background, which is the important part of living room decoration, showing the style and taste of homeowners. It is a good choice to take the mosaic wall heart for your background covering in bedroom and any rooms. The geomertric-tile background is striking and level up the room’s style! You deserve to have one!   

TR2-SH-GB-W_single heart pattern glossy triangle mosaic tile for bedroom background

Tile shown: Single Heart Pattern Glossy TR2-SH-GB-W

TR1-SH-MW-B_single heart pattern matte triangle mosaic tile for background decor

Tile shown: Single Heart Pattern Matte TR1-SH-MW-B

3. I Have This Thing With Floors

The tag #Ihavethisthingwithfloors now is heat on instagram, floor design often gets overlooked by people. You would love this floor finished with such a lovely pattern in black-white. Its matte finish is anti-slip and wear-resistant, ideal for high-traffic areas like bathroom, kitchen.

TR2-SH-MB-W_i have this black white single heart pattern triangle mosaic tile with floors

Tile shown: Single Heart Pattern Matte TR2-SH-MB-W

4. To Decorate With Surroundings

If you don’t want to covering the whole wall with this tile pattern, it is a great alternative to use it with other tiles or decoratings. Tiling the half-wall and painting the rest white, you got the artistic vibe, especially you have prepared one hanging painting for decoration.

TR1-SH-GW-B_single heart pattern glossy triangle tile mosaic for wall decor bathroom

Tile shown: Single Heart Pattern Glossy TR1-SH-GW-B

Feeling inspired? If you are interested in our heart series, please feel free to contact us now. ANT.TILE as an unique brand is specialized in geometric tile mosaic supply, and for more geometric tile trend, welcome to visit our blog post.

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