Fall’s arrived, are you going to bring the beautiful sight of this season into your home? There are variety of ways to dress up your home in a fantastic and festive way for fall season. When it comes to fall decor, please make sure the decoration will carry you through Halloween and Thanksgiving day. One of our customer @melmitchia has get started from their bedroom with fall decor, and created an amazing look at home. Read on and get ideas for your fall decoration.

“Happy weekend instafolk! I decided this year I wanted to decorate for fall in all the rooms of our house and not just ownstairs-a bit tricky in a black and white room for it not to look Halloween as I really dislike Halloween but I think I’ve done it!” – @melmitchia

@melmitchia has fulfilled the fall look by mixing some fall elements in it, and following are some great tips for you.

Use The Copper

Copper is becoming one of the most popular elements in interior decoration, making the brilliant material the metal of the moment. Using a copper ceiling lamp or knick-knacks is an eye-catching way to illuminate the bedroom.

Arrange Fall Plants

A group of yellow flowers, leaves or buds is the excellent base for the stunning display, adding unforgettable fall colors to the space. Pink a few branch of fall flowers and arrange them in a metallic vase to build our your bedside table.

Pumpkin Gives Voice

Pumpkin is a must have for fall decoration, which is also the symbol of Halloween. This will help you make sure your home is ready for the coming Halloween. You can gather an array of pumpkin in different materials, colors, textures and sizes for variety, which makes your design more tasteful. Remember white pumpkin is a great choice for adding unexpected and elegant vibe.

Cozy Up Your Relaxing Area

The simple addition of an armchair, pillows, soft rug, stand lamp and designed desk will structure a comfortable place for relaxation, where you can spend your reading and drinking time here.   

Keep Bedding Neat

Instantly make your bedroom much more homelike and add cleanness with neat bedding arrangement. The multicolor geometric blanket makes a great difference to the interior space.

Dont Be Afraid Of Black

@melmitchia use our black triangle ceramic tile and is bold to tiling the whole wall black. Unquestionably, this black wall makes statement to the bedroom filled with calmness and peace. The triangle shape is unique and meanwhile, the black wall works perfectly as a background to emphasize other decoration in this room.

For more inspiration and details about this bedroom project, click to read this post: Melmitchia: I Want An Awesome Bedroom


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Feel Inspired?

Hope you get great ideas for your next fall interior decoration and welcome to share your fall decor project with us. If you are interested in our triangular tile products, do not hesitate to contact us for best price and more details.

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