Melmitchia, an elementary school principal decorating all things married to a guy building. They have a beautiful house and thanks so much to have us this time, to renovating the bedroom wall with our 2 inch matte black triangular tile.

Our customer Melmitchia said they want to tile the bedroom wall, and that would look awesome! They went for our classic black 2 triangle ceramic tile in matte finish to tile the whole wall. Read on and see more of the bedroom!

Build A Mid-Century Modern Vibe

This modern bedroom goes at a mid-century style, it have a classic and understated look in black and white color. All lines are clean and sleek by using geometric forms including the triangle tiled wall, uncluttered-line bedding, circular wall mirror and abstract painting, etc.

Awesome bedroom design with black wall decor (5)

Take some minimal ornamentation to the space. A couple of artistic vases with smile faces, to decorate your bedside lively, bringing you a good mood at every morning.

Awesome bedroom design with black wall decor (2)

Look at the head of the bed, there is a Letter LED Light, it is customized and make a statement to the bedroom. “I love sleep and you”, that’s so sweet and unique, you can definitely have a sweet dream with your lover here.

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The space has mixed both traditional and non-traditional things together, wooded flooring, dark-wall painting, metal lighting, graphic bolster, glass bottles and so on, they are not in conflict and make a hamnous atmosphere.


Why Choose Ant.Tile?

Melmitchia chooses to tile their bedroom, because it provides much possibility due to wide shapes, textures and colors. They have got endless inspiration after seeing our product from website. And finally choose the dark triangle pattern tile to speak themself in the bedroom.

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Our classic black triangle tile is a hot seller in our collection, this 2 inch matte finish has fitted the bedroom style to the fullest. It adds beautifully geometric look to the wall, and we glad to see our customers choose white grout color to make the tile shape be the focus. The surface is well-reflective by the tricks of lighting and shades. It is wear-resistant and easy to clean, can be also used as floor tiles. Mesh mounted on back, that saves lots of times and energy when installation.

TR2-MB_2 inch black matte triangle ceramic tiles

Featured product: Classic black triangle tile pattern TR2-MB

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If you love this bedroom design and wanna make one for yourself, welcome to contact us for tile best pricing and sample details. In addition to pure color series, you can also find geometric tile art design here.

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