Never forget to look down if you want to remodel your space in a bold design and classic look. The combo of black and white always can make a great difference in home design. Old houses love it, old movies takes it, fashion displays it, black-and-white design creates a long history and never out of date. Whether a simple or complicated motif, we found that any spaces can be enhanced by black-and-white floors easily. Ant.Tile here brings you some our creative black white floor tile patterns, they are eye-catching in a geometric motif, and just happen to be classy, giving much more opportunities to any room decorations.

1. Time Tunnel Floor In Dressing Room

The dressing room is outfitted with time tunnel tile pattern, the contrast of colors and geometric pattern has already structured the space style, this floor work gives a big impression to any visitors. You don’t need to have too much furniture, a large-size closet and comfortable seat is enough.

Dressing room geometric tile floors

Tile shown: Time Tunnel Series Black White Triangle Tile TR2-MWB-DD01I

2. Magic Cube Floor In Balcony

Want a magical pattern to amp up your flooring? Our magic cube tile pattern is recommended. This floor tile pattern is super trendy and also can make a 3D visual effect to your balcony floor. You can feel like walking on different levels and surfaces due to the graphic floors. It is really interesting and surprising! You balcony will never be boring like below, it is clean and contemporary.

Balcony geometric tile floors

Tile shown: Magic Cube Series Black White Triangle Tile TR2-MWB-DD02C

3. Windmill Floor In Living Room

Windmill tile pattern is a cool spin on innovation, it is also one of the popular items in our collections. This geometric tile works wonderfully to install a fascinating and dynamic floor, adding liveliness and sprightliness to your living room.

Living room geometric tile floors

Tile shown: Windmill Series Black White Triangle Tile TR2-MWB-DD04C

4. Big Windmill Floor In Entrance

I do love to use creative tile pattern for entrance floor, because it builds a stylish environment to welcome the hosts home and make the guests impressive at their first sight. This windmill floor tile pattern makes a dramatic statement to your home.

Entrance geometric tile floors

Tile shown: Windmill Series Black White Triangle Tile TR2-MWB-DD04B

5. Magic Cube Floor In Kitchen

You cannot help with looking at your feet if you have such a floor design for your kitchen below. You don’t need too many colors for your kitchen, just cover the floor in black-white geometric tile pattern, and you will get the result beyond your expectations.

Kitchen geometric tile floors

Tile shown: Magic Cube Series Black White Triangle Tile TR2-MWB-DD02H

6. Blossom Floor In Fashion Shop

Artistic and fashionable, it is the description for this geometric tile in blossom patterns. A stylish interior design will make your fashion shop more inviting and profitable. This blossom flooring shows your fashion style to the fullest, and add personality to the space.

Fashion shop geometric tile floors

Tile shown: Blossom Series Black White Triangle Tile TR2-MWB-DD09A

Get inspiration yet? Do you want to have a modern black-white floor design in your home? If you want to take our geometric tile patterns for use, welcome to contact us for price and sample details. ANT.TILE supplies variety of unique floor designs, take a closer look and get endless design ideas for your next building projects.

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