Choosing the right tiles is the first design step for your bathroom remodeling project. It’s enjoyable to select your favorite tiles, but it is also hard to put them together into a bathroom project successfully? The tile you choose will  affect things from the spacial style to cleaning and maintenance work.

Now, most homeowners prefer tiles that emphasize their style and make a strong statement to space. Today we are sharing with you some simple guides that will assist you in picking tiles you love.

1. Simplify Your Color Theme

Simplify your bathroom color theme_choose right bathroom tiles

Tile shown: Chino Hill Series2″ Ripe Olive TR2-CH-P2

It is not recommended to choose more than three colors unless that you decide to use a customized art mosaic. If your bathroom space is small, the dark tiles would not be the best option, white hue can satisfy you in a simple way and is comfortable to all users.

In addition, you may use other elements in the bathroom to assist in choosing a tile color, making sure your tile color works seamlessly and perfectly with other design elements. 

2. Know How To Build Ambiance With Tiles

How to build an ambiance with tiles_choose right bathroom tiles

Tile shown: Blue Mountain Series2″ Ribbon TR2-BLM-R

What’s the bathroom ambiance you want? Different tiles you opted for will create different ambiances in your bathroom. Porcelain tile or glass tile create a modern look, while other material like marble is ideal to be applied in spa-like project.

3. Know Who Use The Bathroom

Know who use the bathroom_choose right bathroom tiles

Tile shown: 3rd Generation Series –  Unglazed White Mixed Black TR2-UWB-DD01B

Who will use this bathroom? A master or guest bathroom? A commercial or residential bathroom? Business bathrooms tend to be luxurious and comfortable for customers, while residential bathroom requires simple design that are easier to maintain.

4. Bold Pattern For Wow Effect

Bold pattern for wow effect_choose right bathroom tiles

Tile shown: 4 Inch Tile  – 4″ Railroad Pattern T4-MB-RL

If you want something special to add a striking new look to your bathroom, try to use an interesting geometric tile pattern. Ant.Tile creates a series of unique triangle tiles in geometric motif, that extremely personalize your interior design and make it stand out! Look at the floor below, which is eye-catching and enhances the bathroom style.

Before you start your remodel project, take your time to look over tiles online or at a local store and choose what you prefer. If you have gotten ideas from this post, we welcome you to share with us. Ant.Tile provides a wide range of geometric tiles created by our own designers, these statement pieces have done a good job adding style in many bathroom designs. If you are in demand for our product, please feel free to inquire with us and get a sample now!

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