The artistic blossom pattern in black and white will add geometry beauty to any spaces. With a creative design, this tile pattern has provided more possibilities for interior designs. Whether you take it for wall cladding or floor covering, this geometric tile pattern is perfect to make your design stand out!

  • I Have This Tile With Floors

Get inspiration from the Nordic style interior design, we have abandoned all the complicated decorating things, building a clean and bright bathroom space. But remember do not ignore those details and corner, one stylish wallpaper, small potted plants could easily liven up the all space.

Geometric tile floor bathroom decoration

And take a closer look at the flooring, it is so gorgeous with this blossom pattern mosaic tile, and has made a statement to the space.  

  • Highlight Your Backsplash

One of the best way to change the dull look of a pure white wall with white cabinets, is to add something colorful or playful to it. This artistic blossom geometric tile backsplash makes a timeless and beautiful to the wall design, adding characters to the overall interior living room.

Geometric tile backsplash living room decoration

How is your backsplash design? There is no doubt that a tiled backsplash is going to make a statement to any home decoration. Read our post “5 Stunning Backsplash Design Your Home Needs” to get more inspiration ideas for your next backsplash renovation.  

Product Featured

Geometric tile design blossom pattern

Taking classic black and white as the main hue, this 2’’ geometric triangle tiles are created in blossom pattern, collected in our Time Tunnel Series. With matte surface process, it is easy to clean, waterproof and wear-resistant. 0.24” thickness can enlarge any space visually. Tiles mounted on mesh back is easy for installation and repair work. It is perfect for both residential and commercial use.

If you are an interior design and home remodel-holic, you would be fond of this geometric tile design. Ant.Tile is specialized in creative mosaic tile supplies, for more new design of geometric tile floor and geometric tile backsplash, welcome to visit our blog and get a free quote about our product.

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