You know the selection of floor tile for bathroom is different from that in other rooms of your house. Apart from those common elements including durability, styles, looks and pricing, etc, there is one vital factor not found in other areas: large areas of water. Water is common to see in bathroom, and your flooring will be damaged if you choose the wrong floor tiles.

Following we are introducing some popular floor covering options for bathroom space, read on and you can find what floor tile is best for your bathroom.

1. Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is high in demand for this surface is waterproof, unique style, good performance and affordable price. Porcelain tile can provide great effects like other flooring materials, bringing a textured and solid feeling like stone, moisture-resistant and cost-effective like vinyl, natural and good-looking like wood.

As there are wide options for you, you can install what floor style you want. You can ever find porcelain tile that looks like wood and marble stone. We would highly recommend you the wood look porcelain tile, it is better than solid wood under high moisture space due to its dimensional stability. The finish and texture created by ink-jet technique, looks really like wood. The top layer of texture makes the tile is anti-skid for wet areas. If you want to have natural wood in your bathroom design, wooden porcelain tile is a great choice for you.

2. Mosaic Tiles

Smaller mosaic tiles are created mesh mounted on back, that is easy and convenient to install and cut. Your flooring can be creative and different as mosaic tiles comes in variety of colors, size and shapes from square, strips, hexagon, penny round to arabesque, etc. Among which triangle mosaic tile is popular up. The article – “10 Modern Bathrooms That Use Geometric Tiles To Stand Out” will show you how triangle tiles in geometric motif spice up bathroom floors.

Moreover, the grout color will make your design more interesting and filled with possibilities. Wet tile is slippery, while mosaic are not. With more grouts and gaps, the surface can act non-slip.

3. Natural Stone

Natural stone is also a good choice for bathroom decor, marbles, granite and limestone, few moisture problems happen. The surface is hard, durable and aesthetic, it is going to add values to your house and offer a great resell. However, stone flooring may be cold and slippery. That means you should install radiant heating and choose stone with natural texture, slate as example. While this will cost you more than other flooring materials, by far, stone flooring is the most expensive flooring choice.

4. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is merely resin-impregnated paper atop a wood chip base, which is a better choice for bathroom flooring than solid hardwood. The clear coat on top is wear layer, it is really strong. The surface comes in lots of textures to choose from. Taking precautions and making tight seams between the laminate plank, the surface can work amazing in your bathroom and protected from moisture.

5. Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is an increasingly well-received product, it features large size and has close-to-zero seams in small bathroom. It is popular and provides amount of styles for option.

Flooring Option Not Recommended for Bathroom

Carpet and solid hardwood will not speak well of bathroom flooring. Carpet can easily retain water and it is hard to dry out. It is also difficult to clean as bathroom is a traffic area. As for solid hardwood, the surface has not protection against moisture except for its top coating. If you just want to install the solid hardwood in your bathroom, you’d better make sure the installed gap is zero for moisture, or your flooring will be ruined as years to come.

Hope this post helps to give your ideas to choose right floor tiles for bathroom. Comment below to share what you think. ANT.TILE is specialized in geometric mosaic tile for sale, these designs are creative and bold. If you are in market for it, shop now!

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