Adding a stunning backsplash is one of the best ways to enhance the look of your bathroom. Many people pay attention to install a backsplash in kitchen, but often ignore there is great backsplash ideas for bathroom. Today we are sharig 3 great ways to having a fantastic bathroom backsplash.

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1. Go Bold, Think Out-of-Box

What is the feature you care about when doing your backsplash? If you want a visual appeal for your backsplash, nothing can be better to take a geometric mosaic tile patterns for covering. Geometric tiling backsplash are trending these years, it is more and more popular in many designers and architects, even in homeowners who wanna get creative. Ant.Tile supplies wide range of triangular tiles in geometric pattern, they are innovative and made from durable porcelains. Porcelain mosaic tile is a popular choice because it is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and easy to clean and maintain.

blossom geometric mosaic tile patterns for bathroom backsplash

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The geometric wall backsplash has made you think out of box, do not think your backsplash shapes are limited to square or rectangle tiles. Tile varies in color, size, shape and pattern. Your bathroom now is out-standing and eye-cathcing with triangle shapes and geometric blossom motif.


2. All-Around Tile, Uniform and Striking

Have you ever choose a wrong backsplash tile that cannot fit your bathroom style? Today’s most designers are using tile from floor to ceiling, wall to wall in the bathroom, not just in the backsplash or shower area. That’s a good way to create a uniform look for your space, and you don’t need to worry that your backsplash tile cannot incorporated perfectly into your bathroom.

gray white geometric tile pattern for uniform and striking bathroom backsplash

Featured product: 2” gray-white blossom geometric wall tiles TR2-MWG-DD02K

The bathroom features a gray-white blossom geometric tile patterns backsplash extend throughout of all walls in the room, which helps to distinguish the shower area and makes the limited space looks larger and striking!

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3. Keep It Neat

Never wrong to keep your backsplash design in neat way, which is popular in small bathroom space and creates a comfortable living for you. It is suggested to use an unique tile if your backsplash area is small and you plan to keep it stand out, even your pool mosaic tile can be used as bathroom backsplash tile. Look at the backsplash below, the combo of lighter blue pool tiling wall and pure white wash basin finishes a tiny and sleek backsplash for your bathroom. The lighter hue and big mirror makes the room more spacious and brighter.

ceramic blue pool tile for neat bathroom backsplash

Featured prodcut: 2 alice blue ceramic tile triangle TR2-SA-P1Z

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Feel Inspired?

Glad to hear what inspired you and welcome to comment below. If you want to use our triangle backsplash tile for your next bathroom renovation, chat with us today to get best pricing and more pattern choices.

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