Geometric tiles are getting trendy in both residential and commercial spaces, for bringing timeless beauty and unique look to any projects. Ant.Tile’s triangle collection is a fresh take for many of our customers, especially popular in interior designers and builders. We creates triangle tile in pure color as well as geometric pattern, and if you are a lover of minimalism, it’s a good news that today we are going to share 4 classic white triangle tiles, along with some decoration inspiration, read on and get ideas.

1. Classic 1stGeneration

classic 1st generation triangle tile white

This pattern sheet would rank first at the 4 white triangle design list. It is a design of our 1st generation of triangle, imperfect but classic, the surface only provides 2 sizes – 1” & 2” in matte and glossy finish, working wonderfully in backsplash and wall cladding.

Mosaic tiles is a great surface pattern for kitchen backsplash design, good example as below:

1” glossy porcelain triangle tile white TR1-GW

Featured product: 1 glossy porcelain triangle tile white TR1-GW

Can this tile work for floor? Yes and sure. We recommend you to choose the matte finish that is non-slip for floor use. Look at the example below, the bathroom entirely covered by our 2 inch white triangle mosaic makes a modern look and brighten up the whole room.

2” matte white triangle mosaic TR2-MW

Featured product: 2 matte white triangle mosaic TR2-MW

A fantastic decor example of our 2” triangle white from our customers, click to explore more: Alexander Home Kitchen: A Classic White Triangle Tile Backsplash >>


2. Zip Connection

zip connection white triangle tiles

The item is born by getting inspiration from zip connection, and we give the name to it. This product supplies 1”, 2” and 4” chip size in both glossy and white surface process, creating a different styles to you.

Use this white tile to cover your wall to decorate your room in neat way. The storage looks clean and spacious with pure white wall and polish glazed wooden flooring. Try to consider this decorating idea if you have a small room to renovate.

1” matte porcelain white triangle wall tile TR1-MWZ

Featured product: 1 matte porcelain white triangle wall tile TR1-MWZ

White mosaic tile also can be used to install a featured wall, choose an unique geometric triangle shape, and you can achieve the result like below.

2” matte porcelain mosaic triangle ceramic tile TR2-MWZ

Featured product: 2 matte porcelain mosaic triangle ceramic tile TR2-MWZ

If you want to buy large triangle tile, our 4 inch tile will meet your demand. This 4” size is great for wall and flooring, you can easily refresh your living room with this tile item, and complementing a comfortable space for your friends and guest.

4” tiles triangle for wall cladding T4-GW-PZ

Featured product: 4 tiles triangle for wall cladding T4-GW-PZ

For more inspiration from zip connection, you should not miss this: Zip Connection: Pure Makes Classic >>


3. Linear

linear 4 inch tile triangle white

We are loving the idea of linear, which is a nice surface pattern to shape up your space, looks more geometric and eye-catching. The tile sheet is only available in 4 inch size, larger size makes it easier to install. The kitchen island finished with the linear pattern gives a voice to the space, adding values to your house.

4” matte white triangle mosaic T4-MW-PL

Featured product: 4 matte white triangle mosaic T4-MW-PL


4. Cross Junction

cross junction 4 inch white triangle tile mosaic

Strictly speaking, cross junction is an upgrade on size of classic 1st generation, it is a compact design to create a seamless appearance. It is hot sale, too. We create it for customers who also love the classic 1st generation. The combo of white triangle wall background, black-white scenery wall picture and big cozy sofa structures a Nordic living room to you.

4” pure white matt triangle wall tiles T4-MW-PC

Featured product: 4 pure white matt triangle wall tiles T4-MW-PC

If you want to take these white triangles back home and have no ideas to go with it, this post will help you a lot: 7 Chic Ways To Incorporate White Triangle Tile Into Interiors >>

Feel Inspired?

Triangle never looks dull in a pure color, whether in a structured or random pattern, it is ideal for creating an endless tasteful style to any spaces. Share what you think about these product and comment below. If you are interested in our triangle mosaic tiles for your next project, please feel free to ask a best price from us now, we will get back to you ASAP.

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