White mosaic tiles win high popularity due to many benefits that these surface patterns have, can make an environment more liveable and energy efficient, they are widely used in both residential and commercial spaces. And today we are sharing some amazing example with our white geometric tiles, read on to get inspiration and discover the beauty of white tiles.

1. Create A Clean Look

White tile supplies cleanliness and pureness, that makes sense that people love to set white as their home’s primary tone. Tiling your kitchen backsplash with mosaic tiles is a ideal choice and our white triangle mosaic makes the design simple and classic. With something copper or metallic, the backsplash place is upgraded and never looks dull.

1 inch white backsplas tile for kitchen in clean look

Featured product: 1 glossy porcelain white backsplash tiles for kitchen TR1-GW

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2. Less Is More

Simple design can produce timeless look. White color can perfectly widen up a small space. Your storage room can looks more spacious and all dressed up with a white triangle tiled wall.

1 inch triangle white geometric tiles to dress up storage room

Featured product: 1 matte porcelain white geometric tiles TR1-MWZ


3. Make It Brighter

White tile as one of the most ideal materials is common to see in any spaces that needs brightness. White tile can reflect light around the room, working as a very effective tool. The effect can be enhanced if you choose the white tile with glossy finish, while if you want to have it with your floors, you had better choose a matte finish. The white tiling floor makes the bathroom more brighter and cleaner.

2 inch geometric tiles white makes your bathroom brighter

Featured product: 2 matte porcelain geometric tiles white TR2-MW

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4. Bring Elegance And Warmth

Opt for white triangle tile can bring elegance to your rooms and install a geometric featured wall. If you think the pure white tile is too understated, you can take copper or metallic furniture for improvement. Using copper metallic is a popular design trend and most people like it. The silver mirror, gray metallic cabinet and artistic copper decorating brings a warm glow into the bedroom.

2 inch white triangle tile with copper metallic for elegance and warmth to home

Featured product: 2 glossy porcelain white triangle tile TR2-GW


5. Build Scandinavian Style

If you want your home “not too little, not too much”, then you would like to have a Nordic home style, which gives both minimalism and functionality. The white tile designs used on wall have make the basic vibe to the living room, the cotton linen sofa provides a cozy place for seating, and the branch on the transparent vase makes an eye-catching tablescape, Scandinavian design is all about adding nature-inspired element to each room.

4 inch white tile for scandinavian living room

Featured product: 4 inch white tiles triangle design T4-MW-PC


6. Make A Contrast

You can use white tile to create contrast, if you want your tile shape as the focal point, try to use a darker grout color to make it stand out! The white 4” tile has installed an eye-catching kitchen island in modern style.

4 inch triangle white mosaic tiles for modern kitcehn island

Featured product: 4 inch porcelain triangle white mosaic tiles T4-MW-PL

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7. Creating An Inviting Space

Building a great environment can perfectly make a commercial space more welcoming and inviting. The combo of white triangle tiled wall and copper light, wooden table with chairs structures a soft and warm place for all customers.

4 inch triangle shaped white tile for inviting commercial space

Featured product: 4” triangle shaped white tile T4-CSS-PL

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ANT.TILE is specialized in geometric tile designs, we supply classic pure series and playful geometric series to meet the demand of both residential and commercial space. If you are in market for our product line, welcome to contact us for long-term cooperation.

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