Windmill series is a collection of triangle tile with windmill pattern, which is one of the best-sellers at Ant.Tile. While we know that these geometric pattern may be too overwhelming to apply for most homeowners, especially for those who do not have a designer for consultation. There are troubles about how to use our windmill tile in their interior decorations. So, today here are several stunning ways and guides to incorporate our windmill tile in your space perfectly. We hope it can inspire you to dream up more possibilities with this tile in your next project.

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Cool Black-White

Black and white is a very popular and classic color theme. The contrasting combo is powerful and bathroom will never go wrong with this hue. Black and white decor is endless and can fit different home styles. Our black -white windmill tile with the clawfoot bathtub and white curtain makes a statement to your bathroom.

Cool black white bathroom design with windmill pattern tile

Featured product: 1 inch black white triangle mosaic windmill pattern TR1-MW-MW-B 


Keep It Dramatic 

Do not afraid to decorate your room dramatic, smaller spaces are perfect for experimenting with bolder decoration. Your bedroom wall tile doesn’t have to be boring. Choose our black-white windmill geometric tile for wall cladding, the pattern is simple and not complicated, going to make a space that is memorable for you.

Dramatic bedroom with black white windmill pattern triangle tile wall design

Featured product: 1 inch black white windmill pattern triangle tile TR1-MW-GW-B


Ideal for Small Bathroom

If your bathroom is small, then try to use an unique tile to add highlights to the space. The 4” black white windmill tile works great with white subway tile and black grout, creating a chic appearance to your bathroom.

4 inch windmill tiled floor adds highlights to small bathroom

Featured product: 4 inch black white triangle tile windmill pattern T4-MB-WM

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Keep It Minimalist

Using white as main color for shower room is an effective way to make it brighter and cleaner, more spacious and minimalist. The single windmill pattern tile used in flooring is definitely a focal point of the space.

Keep shower space minimalist with windmill tile flooring

Featured product: 1 inch porcelain single windmill pattern tile TR1-SW-GW-B


Goes Delicate

Your room doesn’t have to be large enough but should be decorated in subtle way. Although you just use our windmill mosaic tile in small area, it still makes big effect. Example as below. Little things can also go in long way. Adding small objects to add details to your space. Fresh greens, lace curtain and some meaning hangings, they all work wonderfully to spruce up the space.

Delicate space by using windmill pattern tile in small area with big effect

Featured product: 1 inch porcelain single windmill tile pattern TR1-SW-MW-B


Goes Dark

Sometimes a dark gray wall can make your room look bigger and build a noble vibe. If you are worried that dark decor will get you stressed,  try adding furniture made of natural warm material such as wooden table can work great with dark hue. Also, the black-white triangle tile used on wall draws your attention!

Noble dark livng room with windmill geometric tile wall

Featured product: 2″ black white glossy windmill tile TR2-MW-GW-B

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A Sing of Luxury 

Never overlook your hallway decoration that will make your home’s first impression to guests. The windmill geometric tiles flooring unusual, eye-catching and dramatic, that levels up your home style. The hanging art works and copper lighting are great addition to luxury interiors.

Luxury home style with windmill geometric tile flooring

Featured product: 2” geometric windmill tile flooring T2-CS-WM


Separate Zones

One of the best ways to separate an open space is to tiling the floor with different types of surface patterns. The big windmill geometric tile has distinguished the area of entryway and living room, giving a voice to all guests.

Use bold geometric windmill floor tile to separate home zone

Featured product: 2 artistic triangle mosaic tile TR2-MWB-DD04B


Choose A Chic Neutral Color

Looking for chic decoration style? Selecting gray-white color is an easy and chic solution. If you prefer more personality in your cloakroom, then you can play with textures. Our interesting gray-white geometric tile in windmill motif is a great option to fit the color scheme and add features to the room.

Gray white geometric tile floor for chic decor style

Featured product: 2 gray-white geometric windmill tile TR2-MWG-DD04B


Add Some Fun And Movements

The design of your commercial store will influence consumer experience a lot. The 4 inch black white windmill tile for floor decor brings the shop to life, and provides a wonderful focal point. It adds fun and movements to the entire space, refreshing your outdated fruit store in modern way. Unquestionally, your store will be more inviting and profitable finally.

Add fun and movement to store with windmill geometric tile floor

Featured product: 4” black white matte windmill triangle tile design T4-CS-MW

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Feel Inspired? 

Hope you get inspiration from this post and have great ideas to work with our windmill pattern tiles. Comment below and share your decor ideas with us. ANT.TILE is specialize in creative geometric tiles for sale, if you are seeking for bold tile designs, do not hesitate to contact us now.

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