Patterned geometric tile is a popular staple of interior decoration, especially for designers and architects, they prefer to use some bold pattern tile for their project, which can definitely make a space fully different and stand out. For most homeowners, they mostly choose a pure color tile as they often have no idea to do with geometric tiles and pure tile is easy to pair with other pieces. Ant.Tile is specialized in mosaic geometric tile innovation, today we are going to share your some chic ideas to use our tile in your kitchen. Read pn and get inspired for your next renovation project.

Pattern Geometric Wall

Installing a featured wall with geometric tile is a great ideal for making a statement to any space design. These patterned tile is interesting and playful, so try to consider using it for a lively home. It is helpful to highlight your dining zone or any areas in the kitchen, creating a stunning and bold style for your kitchen.

Rock Patterned Geometric Tile In Your Kitchen_3d glass mixed porcelain geometric tile wall design

This black hue free pattern triangle tile has glam the whole space up, brilliant and luxury.

Featured product: 2” 3D effect glass mixed porcelain geometric tileTR2-F-UB-G


Rock Patterned Geometric Tile In Your Kitchen_kaleidoscope patterned tile wall

The kaleidoscope tile build an artistic wall decor for this commercial kitchen space, adding endless beauty and will make it more inviting.

Featured product: 2 chino hill kaleidoscope patterned geometric kitchen tiles TR2-CH-KS


Rock Patterned Geometric Tile In Your Kitchen_black triangle mosaic tile wall decor

Black triangle tile wall combos with metallic lighting and round wooden table spruce up the Nordic style.

Featured product: 4 linear glossy black triangle tile mosaic T4-GB-PL

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Pattern Geometric Backsplash

A backsplash plays an important role in kitchen design, it is not hard to use geometric tile to your space. Keep other pieces clean lines and simple design, and your kitchen will be glamous with our pattern wall tiles. These tiles will add more interests to the decoration.

Rock Patterned Geometric Tile In Your Kitchen_black white chevron tile pattern backsplash

A chevron pattern tile backsplash in neutral color build a subtle and classic look for your space.

Featured product: 4 black white mosaic geometric tile T4-MB-RL


Rock Patterned Geometric Tile In Your Kitchen_multi-diamond tile pattern bold backsplash

Multi-diamond tile pattern structures a dramatic and bold kitchen backsplash look.

Featured product: 1 black white multi-diamond geometric tile pattern TR1-MD-GW-B


Rock Patterned Geometric Tile In Your Kitchen_windmill patterned tile lively backsplash

The combo of windmill tile pattern backsplash and white cabinets has livened up the entire kitchen.

Featured product: 1 black white multi-windmill patterned tile TR1-MW-MW-B


Rock Patterned Geometric Tile In Your Kitchen_artistic kitchen backsplash with blossom pattered tile

Your artistic kitchen vibe is built with the blossom patterned tile with artistic wall pictures.

Featured product: 2 blue mountain blossom geometric tile TR2-BLM-BL2

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Pattern Geometric Floor

Flooring is one of the largest decorating factors in kitchen as well as other rooms, which highlights the space and providing you comfort. What can you do to make your floor stand out? Our geometric mosaic tile is versatile in floor decor and easily enhance the style of your floors. Read on and see these fantastic geometric tiled floors.

Rock Patterned Geometric Tile In Your Kitchen_gray geometric kitchen floor

The combo of geometric square tile floor with dark subway tile backsplash and cabinet has spruced up the gray of kitchen.

Featured product: 2 classic diagonal triangle floor tile TR2-CL-L


Rock Patterned Geometric Tile In Your Kitchen_geometric floor tiles for clean dining room

The geometric floor tile add brillance to the clean dining zone, it would never be tasteless.

Featured product: 2 blue mountain twist square geometric tile TR2-BLM-TSQ


Rock Patterned Geometric Tile In Your Kitchen_blossom patterned kitchen floor tile

Blossom up your kitchen with a blooming geometric tiling floor.

Featured product: 2 classic blossom geometric tile design TR2-CL-TBL1


Rock Patterned Geometric Tile In Your Kitchen_noble gray white geometric tile floor

The blosoom patterned floor tile in gray-white brings a noble touch to your kitchen.

Featured product: 2 gray white blossom patterned triangle tile TR2-MWG-DD09A


Rock Patterned Geometric Tile In Your Kitchen_sweet kitchen style with heart patterned tiles

Heart pattern triangle tile for flooring is a great idea if you want a sweet and lovely kitchen style.

Featured product: 2 heart pattern black and white triangle floor tile TR2-SH-MW-B

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Feel Inspired?

Hope you get ideas for your kitchen decoration and welcome to comment below. If you are interested in our creative mosaic geometric tiles and wanna take them for your next project, contact us now to ask a competitive quote. Sample can be provided for quality check.

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