There are so many mosaic and tiles designs to choose from, among which triangle tiles in geometric pattern is getting popular in today’s interior designs. Especially for designer, decorator and architects, they said, “this will be the year of triangle”, they love to use this type of tiles for it can perfectly help to achieve the result they want. Following let us explore why people fall in love with triangle tiles from a series of amazing cases.

1. A Fresh Take On Tile

Tiles in square, rectangle, hexagon, round and subway pattern is common to use in most people’s home, while triangle is not. A triangle is surely to shape up your space in a fully new way and create a unique appearance to you. When people are tired of traditional tile design, triangle tile is a great alternative for them.

glossy black triangle shaped tile TR1-GB

Featured product: glossy black triangle shaped tile TR1-GB

The triangle tile in single black color also makes your wall eye-catching. Choose a contrast grout color if you want the tile shape become the focus. For using a right grout color, you would like to read: How To Choose The Right Grout Color for Your Tiles? >>


2. Bold Design

Triangle would be an ideal choice for those who are seeking for bold tiles. The little triangle chips can be structured and turned into randomized pattern, providing a free style and guarantee your design to draw people’s attention.

porcelain mixed 3D glass triangular mosaic tiles TR2-F-UB-G

Featured product: porcelain mixed 3D glass triangular mosaic tiles TR2-F-UB-G

This free-pattern triangle mosaic creates a striking look to the interior wall, the mix of porcelain and 3d glass mosaic adds more depth to the space.


3. Quickly Make A Big Impact

When it comes to interior design, small change can still make a big impact to your home. If your interior space is simple and basic, you can make a great difference by using triangle tile, even you just cover a small area.

triangle decorative border tile B-TR1-MD

Featured product: triangle decorative border tile B-TR1-MD

The black-white diamond pattern border tiles unquestionably are eye-catching in the room, the small border area has added features to the space and enhance the room’s overall aesthetic. If you love this border design, you would like to read: A Decorative Tile Border: Add Lasting Impression To Interior Design >>


4. Versatile In Wall And Floor

Whether you use triangle tile for backsplash in residential interior or flooring in a large commercial project, you are sure to achieve a gratifying result.

blossom pattern triangle mosaic tile blue mix TR2-BLM-TBL1

Featured product: blossom pattern triangle mosaic tile blue mix TR2-BLM-TBL1

This blossom triangle tile finishes the bedroom from floor to wall beautifully, showing you a new tiling way and making an unforgettable appearance to your home.

Ant tile is suitable for wall and floors, and you can get big surprise when use one triangle tile in both wall and floor, get ideas from: Design Inspiration: Let Your Tile Go Floor-to-Wall! >>


5. Great Visual

Tiles in triangle shape must be visual stimulating in both residential and commercial project. They are getting prevailing in today’s store designs. It proves that this type of pattern tile can enhance customer experience.

black white floral triangle pattern floor tile TR2-MWB-DD09A

Featured product: black white floral triangle pattern floor tile TR2-MWB-DD09A

If you are looking for a triangle pattern for floor, this black-white blossom triangle is highly recommended, which works perfectly as a stylish floor tiles to upgrade the fashion shop.


6. Popular Among Designers

Ant.tile has worked with many interior designers who love to use triangle tile for their projects. Designers can choose our tiles to get the effect they want. These tile designs are unique, creative and useful to add personality.

T4-MB-RL_Diagonal pattern_4 inch geometric tile used in kitchen island

Featured product: black white diagonal large triangle tile T4-MB-RL

The black-white diagonal pattern tile works perfectly to install a nice island and makes a statement to the space.

To see how Ant.tile satisfy a space, head to our project page >>


7. Trendy And Timeless

Triangle tile brings timeless geometric beauty to any space and will never out of date, all interior designers will agree that it won’t go wrong with a triangle tile for interior decoration.

ant triangle mosaic tiles design

Head to our product page to find more triangle mosaic tiles design >>

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Ant.tile is specialized in creating mosaic in triangle design, we have cooperated with many interior designers, contractor, builders and architects in home decoration and commercial projects. If you are interested in our product, do not hesitate to contact us now.

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