Last week, we shared “ 7 Dining Area Decor Ideas To Wow Your Guests” for holiday season decoration. And today let us focus on another room of your house – living room, where you will spend lots of times with your family and friends. There are some effective decor ideas to turn your living room more interesting and special to wow your guests.

1. Have A Bold Floor

Floor is easy to be ignored interior decoration, while this part will make a big impact in your whole living room. Tiling your floor is a great choice as it provides wide choices and long service life. A stunning example below, this triangular flooring in geometric pattern is a sure way to make your guests gap with amazement after entering your living room. Choosing bold tile design will make your space more stylish and out-standing! So, if you have enough time and big budget, retiling your floor is one of the most direct way to create a brand new look to your living space.

have a bold floor with geometric floor tiles sale

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2. A Warm Rug

A rug is an excellent option to make a great difference on your living room, a right rug can incorporate all furniture together, creating a cozy and warm conversation area for you. Rug comes in wide choice for fitting different home styles, choose a pure color one if you are in pursuit of “Less is More”, and use a patterned one to highlight a neutral vibe. Remember to make sure your rug is the right scale of your living room, and it must feel good underfoot.

a warm rug for cozy living room decor

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3. Sofa Pillows Go Bold

Styling your couch with throw pillows can liven up any living space and create a more inviting atmosphere. Taking right color theme is an ideal way to draw the eye. You can mix up colors, textures, patterns and even shapes for a bold try. Your pillows look fluffy and funny to make your sofa feel more inviting and comfortable.

sofa pillow go bold for inviting living room

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4. Add Greens

People will be obsessed with space decorated with green plants. Green plants or flowers can add colors, fragrance, individuality and fresh feel to your living room. Example as below, let the light in for brighter space, and picking some house plants to bring a breath of life. Also, you can try the most standard and lovely decorated way, get a plant next to your couch.

living room decorated with green plants

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5. Add Gold

A little color in your life reflects your personality and lifts your spirit. Use gold or copper to get you and guests in festive spirit. The furniture in the room, including desks, lights, chairs and curtains, is created in different metallic finish, bringing a feel of luxury to the space.

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6. Music for Happy Time

Music makes people happy and it is a great thing for relaxation. If you have a piano or any musical instruments, make good use of them, playing festive music can surely set the mood, you can host a big party, the day would be the one to remember.

playing festive music for happy living room decor

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7. Small Home Theater

In addition to playing music, watching movies is another good choice to have a great holiday time with friends. Select a holiday-theme movie, such as Christmas movie, your holiday atmosphere can be enhanced with this entertainment method. Look at the below example, the large living room can be changed into to home theater for real with big-size TV with speakers, comfortable seating and simple decoration. This is amazing!

turn your living room into small home theater

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8. Add Movements

There are several ways to decorate your living room lively, for example, installing a feature wall. A right wall decor is going to give a big surprise to your living room. I love to tiling my wall with playful tile pattern, such as windmill pattern tile, the tile used on wall creates a spinning effect that makes your wall dynamic, now you have got an eye-catching wall for your living room.

windmill tile wall decor for lively living room

Featured product: 2 black white triangle windmill tile pattern TR2-SW-GW-B

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9. Lighting

There is no doubt that lighting is the most important element of any room, which give vital functions as well as decorative element. It can significantly change the room’s overall atmosphere. Different types of lighting produce different effects. You can have ambient light for overall illumination, task light for dining or work area, and accent light to highlight your conversation area. Example as below.

light up your living room decor

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10. Oversized Artwork Or Picture

Oversized artwork gets high popularity in interior decoration. It is a great idea to choose a large artwork to make a bold statement to your living room. Whether you hang it on wall, or just place it on the ground, the stylish piece will show your thoughts and personality to your guests. If you cannot find one to fit your style, you can make it yourself, even have your own picture on it, go creative!  

oversized artwork for living room decor

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Feeling Inspired?

Hope you get ideas from the post for your next living room decoration, and welcome to comment down your thought here. For more interior design trends and ideas, please bookmark our blog now.

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