Say good-bye to 2018 and let’s have great expectation for 2019. Ant.Tile here thanks all customers in the year of 2018 for loving our products and your feedback helping us making more improvement and progress. Ant.Tile is in the line of creating geometric tiles in playful patterns with triangle chips, we launched several designs for 2018. While as the sales date reports, not all designs are well-received by the market 2018, but the good news is that some patterns also stand out and become a hot seller. And today let’s find out the answer for “What’s the best-selling patterns at Ant.Tile 2018?” 

1. Pure Color

Pure color can work perfectly to fit different home styles, creating a simple and modern appearance, which is timeless and won’t get out of date. The design concept of “simple makes classic” is most accepted in interior designs, that makes the usage of pure color mosaic tiles increase all the time. Our pure color series takes the first place at our sale lists due to its popular style for both residential and commercial spaces. Especially for those who thinking our geometric pattern is too dramatic to control, pure color comforts them. Meanwhile, the special triangle chip makes the tile sheet unique, pure color won’t be dull.

Ant.Tile supplies pure triangle tile in different sizes, colors and surface process for options, each tile sheet can give a totally different touch. Black and white color sells like hot cakes because of classic style. Read on to get some stunning example with our pure series.

Black can be a wow factory if used in a proper way. The matte triangle black wall add depth to the space, the combo of black and pink build a peaceful and lovely bedroom vibe to you.

black triangle tile with pink bedding for peaceful lovely bedroom

Featured product: 2 matte black triangle tile TR2-MB

Use white as main hue for your bathroom of tiny space. The pure white tile for flooring makes your bathroom brighter and cleaner.

white triangle tile flooring for brighter cleaner bathroom

Featured product: 2 matte white triangle tile TR2-MW

Choosing a special color in simple design and clean lines is ideal for making a statement. The triangle tile in cornwall slate matte finish gives an antique look to your kitchen backsplash.

mosaic triangle tiles for antique kitchen backsplash

Featured product: 2 cornwall slate matte mosaic triangle tiles TR2-CH-P1

Our pure triangle tile in 4 inch size is a new popular member for larger size tile makes your room look more spacious and easy to install. I do love this Scandinavian living room style with a white wall cladding.

large triangle tiles for scandinavian living room

Featured product: 4 matte white cross junction large triangle tiles T4-MW-PC

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2. Windmill

Windmill pattern is a magical design that can easily make all spaces dynamic and lively. The pattern is completed with black and white , gray and white colors, you can have glossy or matte finish, 1”, 2” or 4” size and different windmill styles. The combo of black and white is more prevailing among our customers, if you are looking for a dramatic pattern, try to consider this design.

If you are bold enough, you can cover overall wall with this tile pattern, which produces an eye-catching wall background for your bathroom like below.

windmill tile pattern for eye-catching wall decor

Featured product: 2 matte black white windmill tile pattern TR2-MW-MW-B

As 2” windmill triangle tile is well-received, we upgraded it to a 4” size. Differ from the delicate look of 2” windmill, the 4” windmill tile makes a stronger visual effect to any spaces. It is hot choice for commercial project, it looks so modern and inviting when used in cafe’s floor decor.

4 inch windmill mosaic for inviting comercial store

Featured product: 4 black white porcelain tile windmill mosaic T4-MB-WM

Don’t get your house’s entryway overlooked as the place will make the first impression on your friends and guests. It is a good way to have your entryway floor with a stylish tile pattern. Example as below.

have your entryway floor with stylish windmill pattern tile

Featured product: 2 black white porcelain windmill pattern tile TR2-MWB-DD04B

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3. Zip Connection

Our zip connection is manufactured in pure black and white color, glossy and matte finish, 1”, 2” and 4” size to choose from. Due to its simplicity of beauty and unique pattern, the surface pattern is getting trendy in private home and public projects.

The combo of white triangle tile backsplash and white cabinet makes your kitchen more spacious, brighter and cleaner.

modern and clean triangle tile backsplash

Featured product: 1 zip connection white triangle tile backsplash TR1-GWZ

Compared with panting, mosaic tiles are the better choice to add features to your room, example as below. The triangle wall produces a modern style of characters.

modern room with triangle wall tiles

Featured product: 2 zip connection matte white triangle wall tiles TR2-MWZ

Dark decor can also be amazing if planned properly. The black wall with our 4 inch triangle tile add depth to the living room and create a cool Normcore vibe.

triangle black mosaic tiles for cool normcore living room

Featured product: 4 zip connection triangle black mosaic tile T4-GB-PZ

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4. Magic Cube

Magic cube is a popular-up series of our 3rd generation collection, a combination of black-white, grey-white, classic color in striking geometric square patterns. The surface pattern can easily remind you of our educational toy “magic cube”, this product is suitable for wall and floors, ideal for building an environment of great visual.

If your balcony is small, try to have a different floor to make the place stand out! The geometric floor makes your laundry time more interesting.

black and white geometric tile for cool balcony design

Featured product: 2 magic cube black and white geometric tile TR2-MWB-DD02C

The interior decoration has become one of the biggest factor for a commercial store, which can make your store more inviting, welcoming and profitable. The grey-white geometric pattern floor evokes the elegance and personality of the store, upgrading the space more attracting.

grey white geometric floor tiles for inviting store design

Featured product: 2 magic cube grey white geometric floor tiles TR2-MWG-DD02C

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5. Kaleidoscope

Inspired by the artistic kaleidoscope motif which creates a wonderful world for people’s childhood, we produce this magical geometric pattern. Like the word of Kaleidoscope, this surface pattern is a composition of beauty, shape and views, making a dazzling but stylish look to any spaces. Our kaleidoscope comes in 3 nice colors for option, including classic black-grey-white, elegant blue mountain and antique chino hill, for fitting different interior styles. It is easy to install, just repeat one tile sheet, and you can achieve the playful motif!

The combo of black, grey and white makes a classic style, and never out of fashion. The floor of balcony looks fantastic and so individual with this kaleidoscope pattern, it is blended seamlessly into the villa house and add values to the house.

kaleidoscope geometric tile patterns for classic balcony floor

Featured product: 2 classic kaleidoscope geometric tile patterns TR2-CL-KS

Your bedroom feels peaceful, chic and cozy with this kaleidoscope blue geometric patterns used on wall decoration.

chic bedroom with kaleidoscope blue geometric mosaic tiles patterns

Featured product: 2 blue mountain kaleidoscope geometric mosaic tile patterns TR2-BLM-KS

Using something metallic and copper, olive-green napkin to enhance your dining space style, the kaleidoscope pattern installs a featured wall and make a bold statement to the space.

geometric tile design for bold wall design

Featured product: 2 chino hill kaleidoscope geometric tile design TR2-CH-KS

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Feeling inspired?

Is there a surface pattern attract you? Comment below and tell us which one is your prefer. For more geometric shape tiles design, please feel free to contact us for more details. If you wanna take our products home, chat with us today for best quote and request a sample for quality check.

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