Holiday season is in full swing! Thanksgiving, Christmas and Happy new year, have you get your home cozy, unique and special for guests’ visit? One of the important part of your holiday’s home improvement is the dining area, where we always spend much time with family and friends, especially in special days. And following are 7 stunning examples of dining areas that will make a big “wow” effect!

1. Sweet Kitchen Backsplash

If your dining area is not separated from kitchen, then there is no kitchen without backsplash. You know that this small place can be decorated to make a statement to the whole space. If you are tired of traditional backsplash, it is time to make a new try to use bold backsplash tile patterns. Our heart pattern triangle tile is lovely and stylish, it looks perfect in the backsplash, creating a sweet vibe to kitchen.

triangle heart shaped tiles for sweet kitchen backsplash

Featured product: 2 black white triangle heart shaped tiles TR2-SH-GW-B

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2. Big Kitchen Island

Take good use of your kitchen island which is versatile in food prepare as well as dining use. Have a big island if you have a big kitchen, and you will find it is a right investment to add values to your house. You can get more possibilities from the oversized geometric triangular kitchen island, it adds dramatic look and can serve a great numbers of guests here.

geometric kitchen tiles for big kitchen island design

Featured product: 4 black white geometric kitchen tiles T4-MB-RL

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3. Install A Feature Wall

Tiling your wall is a better way to structure a delicate kitchen than painting it. Geometric tile patterns can absolutely add timeless beauty, example finished with our Starry Night Series as below. I must say the black-tone triangle wall looks so awesome and cool, the combo of free triangles and 3d surface is eye-catching but not dazzling! The unique wall makes your dining area impressive and higher-grade.

free style triangle mosaic tiles for feature wall

Featured product: 2 free style triangle mosaic tile TR2-F-UB-G

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4. Keep It Neat

Nowadays, many of us face the limited space in our home, and don’t have a cozy dining space. We all need at least a tiny dining zone for dining and breakfast together, actually you can have one, a comfortable and dreamy one. Do not overlook those corners in your kitchen or living room, you can turn it into the dining area you want. We do love this example below, the space is clean and bright, it won’t feel tiny, everything is kept in subtle way, sometime less is really more!

geometric porcelain floor tiles for neat dining areas

Featured product: 2 blue mountain geometric porcelain floor tile TR2-BLM-TSQ

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5. Comfort Seat

Buying comfortable seat is the most basic and simple way to change your dining space, and it will not cost you much. Today people prefer to choose a table paired with upholstered chair, the wooden chair with gray leather cushion adds textures to the space, which provides a minimalist look and endless coziness.

cozy dining area with geometric triangle backsplash tile and comfort seat

Featured product: 2 chino hill triangle backsplash tile TR2-CH-SQ1 

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6. Do Table Setting

Chair should be taken into consideration, and table is no exception. Set the table ready before guests arrive is very important. You can go with a punch of flowers and some fresh fruits to make a harvest holiday ambiance, building a festive feel with glitter, gold, silver, candle holders, ornaments and more. Small steps to make your tablescape livelier and out-standing.

do right table setting for cozy dining areas

Featured product: 2” gray triangle floor tiles TR2-MG

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7. Open Style

I must say that now many interior designer opt for a modern kitchen or dining room in open type, which is ideal for make it more spacious, so why not follow this trend? Look at the example below, the kitchen space is large and composed of lots of functions, it seamlessly incorporate the cooking and dining zone together in perfect way. And you can use different floors tiles to distinguish the areas.

geometric floor tiles for open style dining areas

Featured product: 4 white triangle tile flooring T4-MB-FD

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Feeling inspired?

Looking forward to hearing what inspired you from this post, and it would be glad to share your ideas here. For more interior design ideas, welcome to bookmark our blogs. ANT.TILE is specialized in geometric tile design, our products are popular in interior designer and architects, widely used in both residential and commercial projects, if you are interested in our tiles, contact us now for best price and sample can be provided for quality check.

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