Geometric tile designs are trending and we couldn’t be more passionate about it. ANT.TILE as an innovative brand loves to think out the box and break the rules when it comes to tile design. Inspired the change of geometric beauty, the design never comes to the end.

Triangle is an icon of us. There are different ways to put these triangle mosaics together, creating different patterns and styles for applications. Build a “wow” interior design by taking our geometric tile patterns, to add characters and instant dimensions to the space. Be what you are, an original design is worth more than a copy!

What inspired you? The inspiration of pattern design comes from life, each corner of life, including a architect building, continual motifs and even a playful carpet. Following we collect some of our favorite shape-to-pattern designs to share with you. Let’s go and get inspired!

Be A Wall Artist

Wall plays an important role in your home style, it is also the highlight to the entire design. A beautiful wall design will level up any spaces. The windmill pattern is a new addition to our 3rd Generation, an interesting motif makes you an instant wall artist, that is stunning!

Be A Wall Artist, windmill series triangle mosaic tile, artistic tile design

Featured product: 2” unglazed black white windmill pattern TR2-UWB-DD04B

It is not difficult to become a wall artist, our wall&accent gallery will inspire you a lot. 


I Have This Thing With Floors

Thousand of stylish flooring ideas are popular on instagram, and we love them all. Floor design is the essential part of interior design. As a high-traffic area, the floor design must be functional enough. Aside from it, interior designers love those creative flooring materials, adding energy and power to floor. Look at our blossom geometric porcelain floor tile, it plays outstanding as a fantastic carpet in a great decoration way. All is in the detail.

I have this thing with floors, triangle mosaic tiles, artistic tile design

Featured product: 2” unglazed black white blossom tile pattern TR2-UWB-DD02B

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Build A Good Kitchen Vibe

We do love this gray-white pattern design, it is a popular item in our Huntington Beach Series. Its elegant gray hue and repetitive motif enhance the home’s value, building a warm kitchen vibe. Your dinning time will not be boring any more.  

Build a good kitchen vibe, triangle mosaic tiles, artistic tile design

Featured product: 2” triangle gray white pattern TR2-MWG-DD01D

If you are going to remodel your kitchen, get ideas from this post: Easy Steps For Your Ordinary Kitchen Makeover


Be In Love With Your Bathroom With Bold Pattern

The black-white Chevron tiles provide a fun shape, that can be easily matched to make a fresh statement to bathroom. Whether the chevron tile or subway tile, the way that shape and pattern work together is satisfying and classic!

Bathroom with bold pattern, triangle mosaic tiles, artistic tile design

Featured product: 2 black white chevron tile pattern TR2-MWB-DD06A

Take a look at our bathroom gallery to discover more bold bath design. 


Modern Windmill

Windmill pattern tile in black and white must be a historic tile for home decoration. This tile pattern is simple and funny design, your floor can be lively and refreshing with windmill tile. It works well in both residential and commercial spaces and is a hot-sale choice for floor decor of today.

Modern windmill pattern tile makes your space funny

Featured product: 4 black white matte windmill tile T4-MB-WM


Having An Exquisite Living

A fine living mostly comes from your exquisite space decoration. If you are seeking for a tile to enhance your home taste, we would recommend our Blue Mountain square geometric tile, the blue color combination is unique and noble, works perfectly to structure an elegant dining room for you.

Have a exquisite living from fine space decor

Featured product: 2 blue mixed geometric shape tile TR2-BLM-SQ3


My Bathroom Gives Voice

The design of a space can express the host’s taste. “That bathroom gave a voice”, this is a message coming into your mind when you look at the space below. Our square geometric tile paires wonderfully with other pieces in the bathroom , which make a statement to the whole house.

Use geometric shape tile let your bathroom give voice

Featured product: 2 green blended geometric triangle tile TR2-CH-L

Click to this article that shares more stunning bathroom of a statement: 10 Modern Bathrooms That Use Geometric Tiles To Stand Out


Choose An Unique Border Tile

I prefer to choose a simple design when home renovation, but I never forget to add brilliance to the space. A shining diamond pattern borderline as example. I will select a stylish border tile to pair with other pure-color tile to install a fantastic wall. As picture below, the rest-area is built with simple color and clean line, while there is big surprise in details.

Choose a unique border tile to add brilliance to home design

Featured product: 2 black white diamond pattern border tile B-TR1-MD

What Is Border Tile?” tells you how vital a border tile in space decoration. 


Feeling Inspired?

Inspired by our new geometric mosaic tiles? If you don’t like your exciting designs, then change it! Find your new surface at ANT.TILE, there must have one “wow” pattern suitable for you! Please free to ask us a free quote if you are interested in our product.

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