Nowadays, tiny bathroom is common to see in many homes, and it is a big challenge for most homeowners to decorate it looks more spacious and larger. For the design of bathroom, mosaic tile is one of the most attractive and affordable choice to do with this problem. Mosaic tile is a piece of art made of porcelain, ceramic, glass, stone and other materials, they come in numbers of colors, shapes, sizes, textures and styles to choose from.

Good looking and highly versatile, mosaic tile is widely used in different styles of interior decoration in both residential and commercial spaces. People especially interior designers and architects love this product for mosaic tiles provide endless possibilities for design. And today we are sharing some effective hacks and layouts that can enlarge your tiny bathroom and liven it up! Read on and get inspiration for your next project.

1. White Keeps it Cleaner, Brighter

Never go wrong to choose a lighter tone even white tone for any small bathrooms. White color can successfully make a room seem bigger and brighter. Good example like below, the white flooring paired with white bathtub, white painting wall creates a classic bathroom of contemporary aesthetic, everything is kept in subtle way, the bathroom now feels clean and bright.

2 inch matte white triangle tile TR2-MW for bathroom flooring

Featured product: 2″ matte white triangle tile TR2-MW for bathroom flooring

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2. Install An Accent Wall

Painting is not the only way to install a nice accent wall. Elegant mosaic tile is another great alternative to spruce up your small bathroom. A small bathroom, small wall space to decorate, so choose a fancy mosaic pattern to bring endless beauty to make the place lively.

2” blossom triangle geometric tiles bathroom TR2-CL-BL2

Featured product: 2 blossom triangle geometric tiles bathroom TR2-CL-BL2

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3. Floor To Wall

Letting your tiles going floor-to-wall, it is a great way to make your tiny space look more spacious. Look at the bold design below, with blooming geometric tile pattern, the space is stylish and gives a strong visual feast, breaking your old opinion in the tilling way. This bathroom renovation proves that small bathroom don’t have to boring. Choose a tile you like to turn your bathroom interesting and individual!

2 inch blossom geometric pattern tilesTR2-CH-TBL1

Featured product: blossom geometric pattern tilesTR2-CH-TBL1

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4. Dynamic Flooring Tiles

Floor is another important part in interior design and in our daily life, while it is often be overlooked. And sometimes you can not believe how wonderful a floor tiles can boom your bathroom space! The windmill tile used on floor adds movement to the bathroom, which is fascinating and eye-catching. The space looks modern and never out of style.

4 inch matte black white windmill pattern tile T4-MB-WM for bathroom floor

Featured product: 4 inch matte black white windmill pattern tile T4-MB-WM for bathroom floor

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5. Embellishing the Outside of Bathtub

One of my favorite way is to glam up the outside of my bathtub or shower with beautiful mosaic tiles. The matte black squared tiling bathroom and geometric floor makes this perfect bathroom stand out. Even your bathroom space is limited, the delicate bathtub is definitely distracting enough and become the focus of the room.

4 inch black and white geometric tiles T4-MB-RL for bath floor

Featured product: 4 inch black and white geometric tiles T4-MB-RL for bath floor

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6. Build A Feature Backsplash

A stunning back splash is an effective way to make the bathroom look bigger, which also can add characters and style to your small bath. You can extend the back splash cover to four walls at the same level, which will magnify the aesthetic look of your bathroom. Look at the bath design below, the blossom pattern tile will catch your eyes quickly and you won’t focus on the size of the bathroom. A big mirror will help play tricks on the eyes to make the room seems larger.

2” blossom pattern geometric shape tile TR2-CH-BL2 for bath backsplash

Featured product: 2 blossom pattern geometric shape tile TR2-CH-BL2 for bath backsplash

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Feel Inspired?

Have you got something useful for your small bathroom decoration? Mosaic tile is one of the most trendy building materials for interior design, which is ideal for creating a small bathroom of your dreams. Ant.Tile is specialized in geometric mosaic designs for sale, if you are seeking for something different for your bathroom decor, contact us now for more our product details with best pricing.

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