The design of wall can make a great difference to your interior decoration, bringing out your personality and taste. Those empty walls provide many possibilities and can be decorated to make a statement and make a room perfectly put together. Today we are sharing you 10 creative wall design than will brighten up any spaces. Scroll down and get inspiration for your next wall projects.

1. Flowing Diagonal

Using stylish mosaic tiles for wall design can help to draw attentions and set the tone in your room, especially in a tiny space. Look at the corner of a bathroom, the wall finished with diagonal motif tile creates an unique look, the combo of black, white and gray keeps it elegant. Even if you take it for a little part of your room, it still adds brilliance.

2” classic diagonal pattern triangle tile TR2-CL-L

Featured product: 2 classic diagonal pattern triangle tile TR2-CL-L

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2. Artistic Twist Square

When shape meets pattern, small mosaic tiles will creates more interesting motif than other decorative tiles, and that is ant.tile. With bold design, ant.tile gets high popularity in many commercial projects, look at the restaurant below, the square geometric tile pattern used on wall is incorporated perfectly into the space, and put everything seamless together. It enhances the restaurant’s vintage style and makes this place stand out!

2” classic twist square geometric tile design TR2-CL-TSQ

Featured product: 2 classic twist square geometric tile design TR2-CL-TSQ

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3. Dazzling Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope brings a wonder world to everyone, so does our kaleidoscope pattern tile. Let the wall transport you to another space by using playful kaleidoscope. The geometric pattern wall makes a striking appearance to the dining space and set a luxury tone to level up the whole room.

2” chino hill kaleidoscope triangle tile pattern TR2-CH-KS

Featured product: 2 chino hill kaleidoscope triangle tile pattern TR2-CH-KS

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4. Zig-Zag Chevron

Chevron tile pattern, the zig-zag pattern is trendy in wall, backsplash and floors, which can easily add movements to any spaces. Backsplash is an important part in kitchen design, the area of backsplash will affect the entire kitchen appearance. Set the height of backsplash under cabinet or shelf is a popular way that I prefer, like the example below, the black white chevron tiled backsplash provides both function and beauty to your kitchen, structuring a nice cooking place for you.

4” railroad pattern black and white geometric tile T4-MB-RL

Featured product: 4 railroad pattern black and white geometric tile T4-MB-RL

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5. Chic Blossom

Another successful kitchen backsplash made of our blossom pattern tiles. Those blue-hue flowers paired with a large wall picture really make a big impact to the room, the wall gives the room an artistic and chic feel.

2” blue mountain geometric kitchen tiles TR2-BLM-BL2

Featured product: 2 blue mountain geometric kitchen tiles TR2-BLM-BL2

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6. Playful Windmill

Windmill tile is one of our best sellers and we would like to recommend you to consider it for your project. The black-white windmill is a classic one to make a dynamic effect to any spaces. Example as below, your living room is livened up with black white windmill tile although you set the whole room at dark tone.

2” black white windmill triangular ceramic tiles TR2-MW-GW-B

Featured product: 2 black white windmill triangular ceramic tiles TR2-MW-GW-B

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7. Free Starry Night

If you are bold enough, and cannot wait to break your old kitchen look, this tile pattern should be included your purchase list. It looks dizzy, meanwhile it feels dramatic and give a feel touch, its 3d glass tile brings a stronger visual effect, and twinkles like a star in the night sky!

2” unglazed black 3d glass triangle wall tile TR2-F-UB-G

Featured product: 2 unglazed black 3d glass triangle wall tile TR2-F-UB-G

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Feeling inspired?

If you got inspiration from this post, welcome to share your wall decor ideas with us. Consider to choose Ant.Tile if you are looking for something different for your next wall projects. For more geometric mosaic tile patterns options, do not hesitate to contact us now.

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